Monday, June 03, 2002

I have been a fan of electronic music probably even before my neighbor, Alex, introduced me to Gary Numan in the late Seventies. Apparently, my father shares this interest, in spite of his deep interest in and knowledge of classical music and jazz, so he forwarded this interactive site: Electronic Music Interactive. He also sent the Glass Engine, a site with most of Philip Glass' works and an interesting interface for searching through and listening. As a fan of Glass and Steven Reich (OK, so Glass isn't a minimalist - the end results are similar), I had to stop myself from wasting a day just browsing through pieces I already know.

Couple my love for experimental music with my brother John's work as an architect, and you get two lovely, ambient sites: Cités Obscures and The Central City. Each site give the visitor an interesting set of landscapes and soundscapes to explore.

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