Friday, May 31, 2002

Melodyhound is a site devoted to people, like me, who wnat to know the names of every tune they hear or find themselves humming. At the same time intriguing and unsettling, they use the "Parson's Code" to identify and catergorize melodies. Intriguing because of its simplicity and usefulness; unsettling because of its simplicity and usefulness: Parson's code reduces each melody line to simple directional movements between adjacent notes, and then discards all other information. I think this is especially unsettling for me after taking a year and a half of music theory and ear training to distinguish between intervals and chord progressions and keys. All this time it was just up-down-up-up-repeat...

Dad has given me one more reason to dislike Stephen King: he killed John Lennon! Actually, I was quite impressed by King's response to these accusation - he seems level-headed and sympathetic considering the obvious volume of mail he must have received before replying.

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