Thursday, May 30, 2002

Best get started.

My father inundates my mailbox with his free online time, devoting my mornings to catching up with his latest finds. Today, a few standouts: The Web's First Japanese Pizza Place was sent without comment. Knowing his tastes in food, I think he would agree that while the pictures are interesting, the header commentary is a bit provincial. Maybe it's just growing up in St. Louis, home of the thin-crust, provelone pizza, that makes me overly sensitive to defenders of "real pizza," but I always feel smug when I hear someone describing their trip to Italy: "well, the stuff THEY call pizza is just terrible; thank God for Mc Donald's and EuroDisney!" Domino's is already worldwide, so hopefully them dang ferners will start makin' pizza right, and stop eating Christian babies!

Next up is The Magnetic Theory of Sculpture. Some very interesting effects generated by applying an electromagnet to a colloidal suspension of iron powder in brake fluid. I can't wait till I can get one of my own at Spencer's Gifts.

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