Monday, September 23, 2002

Whenever I get a website through e-mail, I figure it's old news by the time I visit it. Even so, some sites bear as much web coverage as any and all of us can supply. Today's site is the Waterman Elementary List of Lunches. The complex nuances and dry wit suggest more than a little satire, while the URL suggests complete ingenuousness. For instance, compare the various "sticks" on the menu. What does "CF" stand for? Which are better, "Stuffed Shells" or "Cheese Stuffed Shells?"

My first prize gives separate link status to Italian Dunkers (ID) - those seasonal miracles on Mediterranean cuisine only available the last week of October. Tied for "most appetizing" are Taco Patty (TP) (where does the rest of the "patty" go?) and Meatball Sub (MS) (it looks like a scallop with an eye infection).

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