Tuesday, August 06, 2002

The wiff and I are taking the sprogs on Holiday for a fortnight, so I won't be "blogging" for a bit. To make up for the forthcoming lapse, here are some random links from various sources:

  • CiaranSkye's World is a collection of links to English slang dictionaries, including my personal fave, "What a load of codswallop, Pet."
  • Before Prohibition is a collection of medicinal labels from the days when cocaine and opiates were still legal and widely available.
  • The Gallery of Blotter Paper Art: it says something about a drug that the counter culture surrounding it puts so much energy into decorating the vehicles of administration.
  • The Egg Spell: this spell gives anyone who reads it the ability to laugh out loud whenever someone admits to being Wiccan - oh wait, you can do that anyway.
  • The Jack Chick Web Parody is not really that funny, since the real Jack Chick is far more ridiculous; however, it is a great intro to those unfamiliar with Chick Publications®.
  • Speaking of parodies, Doug Anderson's Web Parodies hasn't been updated in years, which is a shame since the first few were pretty funny. I e-mailed Doug and he said he had been far too busy to construct another one, but he would e-mail me when he posted something new. I don't think he's lost my address...

Now, it's off to Spofford Lake with the Hubers.

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